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  2. Vittorio Arrigoni - Vik

    4 February 1975 - 15 April 2011

    restiamo umani

    stay human

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  3. from the series More than Humans, by Tim Flach

  4. from the series Diaspora, by Frédéric Brenner

  5. from the series I am Georgia, by Dina Oganova

  6. my life is now complete. 

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  7. matthewlacroix:

    These are the pieces of a broken liquid-soap dispenser.

  8. just started, already pissed.

  9. the first gelato of the season!

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  10. "Il sonno della ragione genera il Fuorisalone."
  13. Le Marie al Sepolcro, by Bartolomeo Schedoni

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  15. alive no longer my amour